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the story of tomana

Maria is from Honolulu, Hawaii and travels back from the East Coast regularly to visit family. Refusing to leave her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pemberley, at a kennel, Maria settled for using online services to find pet sitters so Pem could stay in a real home and hopefully be more comfortable. Each time she traveled, Maria paid hundreds of dollars to a stranger to watch Pem, and she was always concerned about the level of care and affection Pem would receive.

Talking with a friend who had the same frustrations, Maria realized that there was a better way - if they each took care of each other's pets while the other was on a trip, the pets would receive lots of attention, have a friend to play with, and their parents would save money.

Teddy is from Annapolis, Maryland and grew up as part of a babysitting co-op. Ten local families swapped time watching each other's children, creating a wonderful network of support and friendship that has lasted over 30 years.


Together they decided to launch Tomana as a way to connect neighbors through giving and getting help. We are glad to welcome you into our community of reciprocity!




Maria Tarmoun

Co-founder & CEO

Maria is from Honolulu, Hawaii. She has a Master of Accounting degree from UH Manoa, an MSL in Taxation from NYU School of Law, and is a licensed CPA. Prior to founding Tomana, she was a Manager at PwC, focusing her practice on privately-held corporations. She is currently an officer of the Locust Point Civic Association in Baltimore. In 2016, Maria got her first dog, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Pemberley, and her life changed forever.

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Teddy Davidson

Co-founder & President

Teddy is from Annapolis, Maryland, and attended Gilman. Teddy has a degree in Communications from Boston College and returned to Baltimore to work in business valuation. He and his team later acquired commercial real estate and run two co-working spaces in Baltimore. He also serves as Board President of Volunteering Untapped. Teddy is a cat person and adores his family's cat Lily.

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