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How It Works

Use Tomana in 6 easy steps
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1. Tell Us About Your Pet

Complete our short survey to tell us a bit about you, your pet, and your preferences to help others with pet sitting.  This takes about 2-4 minutes to complete.

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2. Meet Tomana

Someone from Tomana will contact you within 1-2 business days to set up a video chat or in-person meetup to ask a few more follow up question, understand your needs, and check your ID. The chat will take about 10 minutes.

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3.Request a Sitter

When you know the dates that you are going to be traveling, email or text us and we will find someone who is available in your neighborhood and seems like a match for your pet and his/her needs.

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4. Meet your neighbor

Tomana will connect you and your neighbor via text, and will help to facilitate an in-person meetup.  If you have dogs, we recommend that you introduce the dogs at this time to ensure they get along.

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5. Take your trip

Drop off your pet (if it's a dog) or hand off your keys to your neighbor (if it's a cat) and go on your trip!  We will give gentle nudges to your neighbor to send you photos of your pet.

Teddy and Maria - Full Dog Shoot-33.jpg

6. Return the favor

When someone in your neighborhood needs help with their pet, we will reach out to you to check your availability if the pet seems to match your pet sitting preferences.  Remember, you can always say "no" if you feel uncomfortable, if it's not a good match, or if you aren't available.

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